We design and develop extraterrestrial web applications.

We arrived at planet earth with a noble quest. A mission to make the web a better place by building a beautiful, open and accessible web for all human beings.

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Why we're here

We are a digital engineering studio that helps startups and established agencies invent, build, and launch their next idea or digital product. We also build a couple of apps of our own.

We approach our projects with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital experiences that connect with humans, just like you.

How we will help

We design. What’s a good app without a marvelous design. But it’s not only about shiny colours and funky font-faces.

A main aspect of design is the usability and accessibility for your users. And we help you exactly with that.

We develop. We believe in lean process and agile development with open-source technologies at the core of our applications.

With a keen eye for DRY and well-written code we are able to deliver rich user experiences. Confirming to industry-level standards and design patterns.

We contribute. The open-source ecosystem is vital for us to deliver top-notch applications through the use of exciting technologies.

So we try to participate in these communities and give back new projects and libraries.

A close encounter?

Tell us how we can reach you, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Or just shoot us an email at hello@webstronauts.co